Great Atmosphere and
lots of fun await at Malibooz!

Malibooz Bar & Grill
The Reading Airport Terminal
Route 183, Reading, PA

Joe & Belynda



Fun at Malibooz 


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You could win
an official
NFL Jersey!



Malibooz Bar and Grill Photos



Sept 10th Jersey Winner Johanna 
Dominguez and Barry

Andy Gilmer 9/22/2008 Jersey Winner

Sept. 9th Winner
Jeff Naugle presented by Belynda

Our Great Staff
Mimi, Belynda, Barry and Dena

Sept 21st Jersey Winner Eric Snyder
Presented by Jessie

Oct. 8th Winner Rose Mc Donald
presented by Barry Gehman

October 5th Jersey Winner
Edwin Torres presented by Myra    


Oct 27th Winners
Phillies Shirt Winner Jahanna DiFulvio (Right),
Sarah Newton (Middle), Jersey Winner Ashley Pokrywa (Left) 

10/26 Winner Jim Webber
Presented By B

Dec 20th Jersey Winner
Louis Noisi presented by Belynda

NFL Season Kick-off Thursday Sept 4
Jersey Winner Dave Harrington presented by Myra

October 13th Jersey Winner
Fran Martino presented by Cindy
Saturday October 18th Jersey Winner
Keith Oxenford presented bv B

Monday 10/19 Jersey Winner
Erika Taylor presented by Jarred

Monday Dec 1st Winner Jackie Martino
Presented by Ashley

Jersey Winner Daniel Kreska with Cindy

Jersey Winner Art Salyards with Katie

11/2 Jersey Winner Mark Runge presented by Ash

October 12,2009 Jersey Winner Greg Hollenback with Layla

11/23 Jersey Winner Art Salyards with Ash


proud winner of Favre Jersey 9/15/08

Barry Lorah 11.14.11 Jersey Winner Presented by B
Sept 13th Winner
Ron Konemann
Oct. 29th Winner
Chimar Carlisle, Jr.
presented by Belynda
Nov. 5th Jersey Winner
Armando Torres presented by Belynda
Nov. 12 Jersey Winner
Doug Brigham presented
by Belynda
Sept 14th Jersey Winner
Damond Kloc presented by Holly
Oct 6th Winner Doug Myers presented by Belynda
Dec. 3rd Jersey Winner
Art Salyard presented by
Mallory Kooker
Dec 10th Second Time Jersey Winner Gail Landis Presented By Barry
Sat Jersey Winner Jimmy Bear presented by Barry
Alamo Bowl Penn State Jersey Winners Carol and James Tunnessen
Sept 29th Jersey Winner Art Salyards Presented by Malli
Oct 20th Winner Dan Grove Presented By LINDSAY
Nov 20th Jersey Winner JJ Hazzard Presented By Ashlsey
Dec 4th Jersey Winner
Josh Camara
Jersey Winner Deanne Salyards with Barry
Jersey Winner Rob Ganter with Carrie
Sunday 1/11/09 Jersey Winner Heather Kramer Presented by Malli
11/9 Jersey Winner Matt Bashor presented by Brandi
November 30th Jersey Winner Jackie Martino with Ash
December 7th Jersey Winner Trevor l Dave Yatsko Jersey Winnerl Jersey Winner Jeff Naugle          l  Jersey Winner Matt Spatz
Swoyer presented by Ash                    With Ash                              and Brandi                            l   with Ashley